[ ok-tah-voh-lee-oh ]
an interactive & robust digital portfolio for logging artifacts & presenting student's learning.

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Tasks & Plans
Create a Plan and then populate it with Tasks and due dates. Once you finish you can check it off your list. 

Octavolio is an digital portfolio hosting service provided by learnOPENtech. Our main focus is to help Homeschoolers organize their students learning paths and be able to showcase what they've learned in a fun and interactive way. This is great for those homeschooled students who want to go on to higher education, whether it's public or private. 

If you are looking for a K-12 public/private school eportfolio hosted solution, fret not! We host
Octavolio for school districts as well.

Like most of learnOPENtech tools & platforms, Octavolio is also based on Open Source. In this case, the robust & powerful ePortfolio platform, Mahara.

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Organize students learning.


How students engage in their learning

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