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Octavolio is an ePortfolio in which Texas Homeschooled Students can record "evidence of lifelong learning" that can be populated with artifacts, be it Reflective Journals, Blogs, Files& Media, that showcase what they've learned along their journey. These Pages & Collections are student-curated and customizableWith Octavolio, students control which items and what information within their portfolio others see.  

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Texas Homeschool 2024 Survey

Help learnOPENtech, aka LOT , Help You! LOT is gathering more information to help us understand the Educational Technology needs of Texas Homeschoolers, Co-ops, Microschools, as well as Small Private Schools!

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If you value your family's digital freedom and personal data, then don't use the big tech companies. They are data-mining you and selling your info. LOT doesn't!

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We reach out to folks in our community who may not have access to technology at home, and donate not only the fully-loaded Linux and Open Source Software system, but provide training on how to use the tools, and more importantly, the Open Source Mindset.

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