NOPE! No no no! Please do not mistake what LOT's mission is! We do NOT just give away "Free Computers!" 

We Teach the Open Source Mindset first & foremost! We Teach how to leverage the Linux Operating System & Open Source Software so folks can be more resourceful. We Teach productivity and education tools to those that might not have access to technology in their household. All of that just happens to come with a free donated computer to those in need!  😁

Now if you understand that, contact us so we can get your donated computer/laptop and we can impact families' lives throughout Texas.

Know a family in need?

If you are aware of a family in need and you have a device to donate, let us know, we'll help line it out and provide 2 hours of training for free!

The inventory we have available is just what kind folks like you and other businesses throughout Texas have donated to us.

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