Many reasons people start using Linux
...few turn back once they begin

Linux users come in all shapes and sizes, young and old! Here are some highlights of some who have switched to Linux and the reasons why:

"It's been 30 years since Linus Torvalds created Linux, way back in 1991, as a free alternative to Unix. In that time, it's grown from a niche project to a powerful, widely used operating system that sustains much of what's essential in modern computing—the cloud, the Internet of Things, supercomputers, the devices that kept students learning during a global pandemic, and much, much more. The Linux community is a passionate, dedicated, and effective advocate for the operating system in all its iterations, and that enthusiasm has translated into steadily increasing adoption. "

"Curiosity sparked my earliest explorations with Linux. I came to realize very early that Linux can be used in so many ways that support the education of students and teachers whom I worked with every day. Linux and open source software leveled the playing field for many of my students and library patrons. Linux extended the life of hardware platforms that became obsolete by the design of proprietary operating systems. It is a gift that keeps giving every day." —Don Watkins

"I discovered open source as a concept through Creative Commons. Recognizing them as philosophical relatives, I soon discovered that many of the tools I used (e.g., GIMP, Firefox, Audacity) were open source, and you could use an open source operating system. This was scary, but Windows Vista was generally acting up while I was in grad school. Ubuntu's WUBI installer overcame my hesitation to try Linux, and I found myself using it by default. Eventually, Windows hid the Ubuntu install, but the Linux community helped me recover my files, leading me to abandon Windows as my primary OS more than 10 years ago now." —Kyle R. Conway

"For me, it was a virus in Windows Vista (the whole thing was a virus, to be honest), and my good fortune of acquiring an Ubuntu image around the same time, not really knowing much about Linux or FOSS at all. After figuring out how to install it, I found the experience was excellent: super-fast and completely intuitive for the default programs. So I liked it from an end-user point of view from the off. Then I delved deeper into this thing called 'open source,' started to understand the utility of free software, and have been a supporter ever since." —Laurence Urhegyi

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FYI, The Penguin Tux, is the Linux Mascot! Hence the cover image! :)

Many reasons people start using Linux
Beck 24 May, 2021

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