Improve Upon
Open Source allows for that

Precious Plastic is a global group of individuals that got together to solve the problem of too much wasted plastics. They released their plastic shredders, injection molding and other machine hardware as Open Source. This means anyone is free to take the build files and schematics, built it for themselves, or in this case, improve upon it.

In a recent social media post, the Plastic Hub team announced their redesign to improve areas of the original shredder. If you want to buy the shredder outright, you can purchase it through their site. If you have the means to build one yourself, they'll be publishing the files soon.

It is this collaboration of sharing ideas that can be built upon that makes the world a better place. Open Source allows you to impact more lives and improves yours in the process.

Improve Upon
Beck 6 January, 2021

Robot Dog? Cat?...Spider?
yep all Open Source!